:  18 to 75 years old & between 80 & 225 lbs.

Weather:  We jump rain or shine (year round).

Directions:  Actual location chosen the Wednesday before & details emailed then.

Meet times:  Bridge 2pm; Tree 11am; Dam 4pm; Rock 9am. Add 1hr in summer & subtract 1hr in winter). Times are very approximate.

How long does it take:  2-4 hrs for Bridge & Dam. 3-5 hrs for Tree. 4-12 hrs for Rock.  Also depends on group size.

Spectators:  We like to keep non-jumpers to a minimum, so there is a fee of $20/each.  However if you are jumping solo we recommend bringing one guest (free) for moral support.

Rope vs bungee:   Rope jumping is more swing (bungee more bounce).  Ropes offer easier access (compared to bungee) in that they can be climbed up and rappelled down. Tree, Dam & Rock are rope jumps. Bridges are bungee jumps.

Payments:  We accept: Credit or Debit Cards & Paypal.

Gift Certificates: Are available for purchase here.

10% off for groups of 5 or more (or active military).
25% off for repeat customers (on same jump object & height).
40% off for extra jumps (same person, same day).
Note: group discounts apply if paying for all jumpers with one payment.

What to wear:  In the summer: shorts, T-shirt & sneakers (no flip flops).  Check the weather before you go.

GoPro: We don’t recommend jumping with a camera on your first jump.  We find it distracts from more important things.  After your 1st jump you can shoot your own GoPro ($19) or ours ($29).  The cost includes mounting advice, aiming adjustment and powering on & off.  We recommend helmet, wrist and chest mounts. Stick mounts are good after your 2nd jump.

Rescheduling:  Is available seven days or more before the trip (with a $20/jumper fee). All rescheduled jumps must be used within 90 days of the original jump date.

Refunds:  Cancellations made 14 days or more prior to the trip qualify for a refund, less a $20/jumper fee. There are no refunds for cancellations made 0-13 days prior to the trip.

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